JusTalk Out: Call Friends When They Are Offline

posted on 17 January 2018

When making a call, what can be more disappointed than the person you want to reach right now is offline? With JusTalk Out, that's no longer the case.


Why should I use JusTalk Out?


  • Make every call get through, even when your friend is offline.
  • High quality sound ensures that your calls are crystal clear.
  • Save money with our low rates and call literally anywhere.


A few tips for using JusTalk Out:


  1. Tap your profile on the top left corner, choose Membership - JusTalk Premium.



  1. Select your favorite plan, follow instructions to complete the purchase. You can call your friend who is offline, get special ringtones and themes, and enjoy no ads.



  1. Choose the friend you want to call on your contact list, and tap Call phone - JusTalk Out.



  1. When the friend you are calling is offline, you can tap Call phone - JusTalk Out to continue the call.