Manage your kids' mobile device time with Kidslox

posted on 01 Jun 2018

How many of you have children who are glued to their devices? As parents ourselves, we totally understand your headache. Kids are dependent on their screens so there’s little time left for us to connect with them. Even worse, staring at screens and being exposed to inappropriate material can lead to negative effects on our kids physical and mental health.


We create JusTalk Kids to ensure the safety of our kids when connecting with everyone they love. So how about managing their screen time and controlling the quality of the media they engage with too? We searched and tested a lot, finally we found Kidslox. This amazing app puts parents in control of their children's screen time by remotely controlling when their children are able to use their phones and tablets and what apps are available to them.


Kidslox also made a "Gadget or Toy?" experiment recently. Parents asked their kids to wait for them for 5 minutes, in a separate room. They left a toy and a gadget on the table to choose from. Watch who wins!

How Kidslox works?


It is easy to install Kidslox on parents' phones (to have the parental controls) and also on their kids' iPads. You can do all security and monitoring from your phones, which are guarded by a 4-digit PIN.

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Kidslox allows users to put a device into one of three modes. This can be done from the device itself or remotely - from another device or from a desktop.


When the device is in "Lockdown mode", all 3rd party apps and browsers are shut down. No more games and video, so it’s time for family. And this is really helpful when you ask your child to do the chores for many times but they are still in the middle of a game!


In this mode, you are also able to set up a weekly schedule. If you want to stop your child from using devices when it is time to go to bed or do homework, you can just schedule it. This happens automatically after the initial setup so it's quite convenient to manage your kids' screen time.

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When the device is in "Child mode", it can run apps and browsers, but subject to the controls that you set. You can block or set restrictions to apps that you don't want your child to use. For example, you can limit games by age rating or turn off in-app purchases. It also allows you to block Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other social networks, and even other inappropriate web content. Restrictions can be put in place immediately, on a timer or via regular schedules. 

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Kidslox gives parents much flexibility on setting a daily limit of screen time for their kids. When kids have used all their time, the device locks down. For example, if you want your child to have two hours of screen time on school days, you can easily monitor it.

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When you want to use the device yourself, you can switch it to "Parent mode", where all the restrictions are lifted.



Kidslox subscription is $3.99 per month, with discounts for longer subscriptions. You can have a trial period of two weeks to test if the product is right for you and your family.

So what are you waiting for? Get Kidslox free trial now for your family and control your kids' mobile device time from now on!

iOS: Kidslox/id914825567?mt=8